Mitchell Meyer
September 25, 2017

In the last century, Michigan was a driving engine of America’s manufacturing economy. Today, programs like the Perrigo Undergraduate Fellowship at the LSI are helping to fuel a new knowledge-based economy in the state.

LSI building
September 18, 2017

The LSI expands its scientific reach with the addition of an affiliate faculty role. Affiliate faculty members will have labs located at the LSI — where they will have an adjunct appointment in addition to a tenure-track appointment in another unit on campus.

Melanie Ohi
September 14, 2017

The  welcomes structural biologist Melanie Ohi, Ph.D., to its faculty.

September 14, 2017

Researchers have discovered how an unlikely protein promotes cell division, even when the cell is treated with drugs to halt the process

Scientist examines image on a computer screen
September 6, 2017

To help attract early-career researchers of exceptional promise, the University of Michigan is launching a new, multidisciplinary, postdoctoral research fellowship program: the Michigan Life Sciences Fellows.

August 22, 2017

A mutation underlying the most common genetic cause of early-onset obesity was  thought to potentially protect patients from heart disease. New research shows otherwise.

August 17, 2017

This year’s annual symposium explores the galloping pace of discovery, bringing to campus five pioneers and innovators in different areas of bioscience technology and research. 

fruit fly germ cells
August 15, 2017

Connectivity between reproductive cells — or germ cells — in males serves as a quality assurance mechanism by making clusters of cells more sensitive to damage.

colorful fat cells
August 7, 2017

How a network of proteins and long noncoding RNA work together to push fat cells into fat-burning mode

July 18, 2017

International research team reveals why some species of cetaceans evolved sleek, muscular bodies while others grow to massive sizes

July 13, 2017

Research sheds new light on long-lasting changes that painful stimuli can exert at the level of a neural circuit — changes that can have a powerful impact on behavior.

July 5, 2017

After 12 weeks of taking an anti-asthma drug, a subset of patients with type 2 diabetes showed a clinically significant reduction in blood glucose during a clinical trial.

schematic overview of new findings about LARP1's role as a molecular switch for mTORC1-mediated translation (Creative Commons, eLIFE)
June 27, 2017

A long-term collaboration reveals the critical role played by the RNA binding protein LARP1 for mTORC1-mediated translation of an important class of mRNAs, including those that encode ribosome proteins.

Tang commercial screenshot
June 22, 2017

After a file cleanup unearthed a 1970s Tang commercial staring LSI Professor Emerita Rowena Matthews, we reached out to her for the backstory.

June 21, 2017

How a new type of rapid-response defense mechanism  helps protect cells from environmental stress while giving slower, well-known protection systems time to act

June 16, 2017

New cryo-EM research reveals 3-D snapshots of how a key biological machine unfolds a ribbon of protein through its central channel.

May 24, 2017

Researchers have captured the first cryo-electron microscopy snapshots of a cellular target for Type 2 diabetes in action.

Roger Cone
May 18, 2017

LSI Director Roger Cone named to an additional role as the university's first vice provost and director of the biosciences initiative.

Michael Cianfrocco
May 17, 2017

The LSI is pleased to welcome structural biologist Michael Cianfrocco, Ph.D., to its faculty as an assistant research professor.

May 16, 2017

A new study sheds new light on how the motor protein myosin V knows where to release a yeast vacuole, when transporting it from the mother cell into a new bud.

May 4, 2017

An unexpected mechanism of glucose sensing in skeletal muscles contributes to the body’s overall regulation of blood sugar levels.

April 10, 2017

LSI researchers have developed a clear picture of a critical mechanism in the budding process that sends materials from the inside of the cell to far-flung places in the body.

March 20, 2017

An international research team is changing the understanding of the key cellular and molecular events that trigger graft-versus-host disease, an often-fatal complication of bone marrow transplants.

March 20, 2017

Postdoc Laura Mike, Ph.D., is targeting bacteria’s need to scavenge iron from its human host in order to survive.

Alison Narayan
March 20, 2017

The LSI's newest faculty member, Alison Narayan, Ph.D., is the first recipient of a Klatskin-Sutker Discovery Fund award, which will fuel the development of a library of bioactive molecules to support the search for new antibiotics, antivirals and anti-parasitic agents.