Grads Group

Building on LSI’s collaborative, interdisciplinary focus, the LSI Grads Group hosts events and training programs aimed at nurturing a sense of community at the LSI and sharing best practices around science, communication and careers.

Committee Members

  • Amanda Erwin, M. Ohi lab
  • Vikramjit Lahiri, Klionsky lab
  • Elizabeth Ronan, S. Xu lab
  • Xin Wen, Klionsky lab

Postdoc Group

This group brings postdocs together to learn about the work being done by their peers, as well as gain perspective on the different systems being studied and the techniques being used — facilitating networking within the LSI and encouraging new collaborations. At the same time, the group provides additional opportunities for postdocs to present their work to a broader audience in an informal setting. Sponsored events include social events, informal chalk talks and grant writing workshops.

Committee Members

  • Jonathan Nelson, Yamashita lab
  • Clarissa Durie, Ohi lab
  • Brittany Morgan, Mapp lab
  • Laura Haynes, Ginsburg lab